Thursday, January 15, 2009


An old friend gave me this idea! It sure beats playing outside in the cold all morning. Yes, that is indeed snow in the bathtub.

Savannah just did not know what to think of this, but she was happy about it.

It's cold Mummy

Climbing up for a better view

This is what happens when you leave three 2 year olds alone with snow for a minute! They were all throwing it in the hallway and into Savannah's room. She is mad because her socks got wet!

It's so much fun. I love this cute photo of her.

She actually had two other girls her age helping play in there, but I can't put their photos on my blog :(

This is the snowman we made.

Then we decided it needed to have warm hands.

And warm feet!

SMILE!!!!! :D

I'm Too Excited to Sleep!!!!

A little boy in a Disney commercial years ago said that. Well that's the way I felt last night/early this morning! I was awake from 4am until 6am. UGH! Anyone who knows me knows I am NOT a morning person.

So, yep, we are going to DisneyWorld for the second time in a year! This time we know what it is all about and are comfortable going and know what to do, so it is much more exciting. Also we are staying in Florida for a whole extra week, so we will get to do a lot more things. Tickets for SeaWorld and Universal Studios are already booked.

I was rather dissapointed last time not to see any of the Florida scenery, other than from the airplane. This time we will be going on an airboat ride to see gators, going to the beach, going to a public garden in Orlando, among lots of other things.

As an added bonus we get to meet an old friend of Rick's and her family, complete with an adopted daughter close to Savannah's age! Kim I can hardly wait to meet you and your little family! It will be nice to have someone who knows the area show us around and give us the scoop on everything! :D

This trip was rather quick in the planning and decision to go, but boy is it gonna be awesome!!!! Yep, I'm definitely too excited to sleep!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Making Pie

New Year's Day Savannah and I decided to make the pumpkin pie that was supposed to be for Christmas! There were too many other goodies to worry about pie that day though.

First I showed her how to do each step.

Then she did it on her own!

This is serious business!

You mean I am allowed to get my hands this messy?

This is going to be delicious with a little extra help! :)

Gotta get this just right.

Is it supposed to look like that?

There are no photos of the finished product. Wouldn't want to make you too hungry! Miss Savannah had to go for her nap so she wasn't able to help finish it either. That's okay, it was 'licious anyway, especially with the Nutriwhip!

Friday, January 9, 2009

"I Wuf (Wuv) You!"

For quite awhile we have been teaching Savannah to say I - point to your eyes, Love - fold your arms across your chest, You - point to the other person. More recently we have started with the same thing only instead of ending with you saying Mummy, Daddy, etc. Savannah started with "I" - pointing to her eyes and then "YOU!" - pointing to you. Then it progressed to "I Wuf You!" Just in the past few days she has started saying "I Wuv you Mummy" or "I Wuv you Daddy" when she is giving us a hug. It's so cute to see her do that! And nice to hear it when she is doing it to me!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Diapering Baby Garfield!!!

For awhile, when we had the baby, Savannah was obssessed with helping do everything for every baby! This was one day when she decided Garfield was a baby and needed a diaper too.

Getting supplies from Mummy's diaper bag!

Now how do you fit in here baby?

Oops! Silly baby.

Gotcha, now I just have to figure this thing out
. Baby diapers are MUCH harder than my own.

I think I have the hang of it now.

There we go baby.

All done. Proud little Mummy! Now when can I do the real baby's diaper?