Monday, April 19, 2010


Do you think it's a problem, or maybe it's just been a long winter?

Friday was a beautiful day. +20 or so. I roasted in my jeans while we delivered papers.

So Saturday morning I knew it was going to be about +20 again. When Savannah got dressed I told her she could put shorts on.

Her response? .......... Take a wild guess???

You won't believe it!!!!


"Are we going to Florida?"


I think that's what happens when you go to Florida three times and you are only three yourself! It also helps that she wants to go to the beach there and play with her friend Aerie.

Also it has been pretty cold here the last part of the winter and in January I told her she couldn't wear her short pajamas to bed, shorts were for Florida.

Of course, three year olds still don't forget anything! I wish putting on shorts meant we were going back to Florida!

Have a great day. :D


So we went to Costco late last week. On my way out I felt a tickle on my arm. Immediately I flicked at the creature I saw moving on me! When it was already too late, I realized it was a tiny spider. For a couple days I had actual guilt about the poor little spider getting squished by someone else because it couldn't cross the million miles of concrete to get to safety!!!! I like to think it made it safely in the end. Hope so anyway.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spider rescue!

My Gramma (a.k.a. Gramma G.G.) taught us to never kill useful creatures. That means, when you find a spider or bee in the house, you take it outside.

Bees are a little tricky. You have to catch them against a wall or window in a clear glass jar (so you can see you actually caught it). Then you slide a piece of stiff paper underneath to cover the opening of the jar. Carefully hold both as you remove it from the wall. The bee will be super mad by now! Open your outside door and aiming the jar opening away from your house, remove the paper. As soon as the bee flies out, close your door! Success!!!

Spiders are quite a bit easier. I've taken them out in dustpans, boxes, margarine containers, or simply on a piece of paper. The size and speed of the spider dictates what type of removal tool you should use!

Savannah has picked up on spider removal quite readily. She always thinks it's "her job" to do it now. Usually we are taking spiders out of the house and putting them in my flower bed to "eat mosquitoes."

Last weekend, however, we rescued a spider while cleaning "Daddy's work." It was a pretty good sized one. We just set it outside the office door. Later, while cleaning windowsills we found a dead Lady bug (Ladybird Beetle). Savannah informed me that Lovebug had a problem! She wanted to put it outside with it's friend, the spider. Then she proceeded to tell me the spider could eat the Lady bug!

She amazes me sometimes. Lovebugs are her favorite, I never thought she would tell me one could be eaten! Guess she thought that spider was hungry and a Lovebug with a problem would solve the other problem.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oh what fun!

We had a pretty good Easter this year. "Little Missy" to quote Flower Gramma, and I found a craft book at the library that showed how to make these fun little Easter Baskets. As soon as she saw them, Savannah told me the owl was for her, the rabbit for Colton, the chick for Logan and the sheep for Grampa Sheep!

We made a couple extra so Mya and Jackson and Sierra could have some too.

Saturday we went to the Calgary Zoo and met Jen, Wally, Logan, Colton and Sierra there.

Savannah and Sierra showing off next to the elephant replica. The metal on the tusks represents dental work done on one of the elephants at the zoo.

Auntie Jen, Colton and Logan

After the Easter Bunny came

He knew where to find Savannah's basket because we always put it in front of the fireplace. She will tell you the Easter Bunny knew where to find it!

Unfortunately the cute Princess slippers were too small, so we had to exchange them for brown moccasins. She LOVES them anyway.

Princess Tiana shirt. From Princess and the Frog. Ray (Uncle Ray!) and Prince Naveen as the frog are also featured.

Elf Oh Went!

Any guesses what that is?

Sound it out... Elf...Oh...Went. Now say it faster!

It's SA-Snannah's pronunciation of Elephant!!!!

SA-Snannah is what we get now that I've tried to get her to sound out Savannah!

Oh well, it's progress.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This year so far I've been able to complete three child/baby quilts. This is the first one made for Savannah's play school friend for her 3rd birthday. They had the party early and then moved several provinces away! Savannah still asks where Gabby is.

The front is flannel squares of 5 different prints. The back is a solid flannel piece of a different pattern.

The second one we made for baby Magnus. The baby brother of Savannah's best friend, Mya, who is also in our play school.

The front is fleece squares with a pocket and ribbon loops for attaching toys. The back is a solid piece of fleece that matches the front border material.

This last one is for baby Quinn. Yet another baby brother of another girl in our play school! (I'm sensing a theme!) The front is similar to Magnus's blanket piece of blue cotton material.

The writing on the front of the last two quilts is the name meanings I could find on the internet.

Monday, April 5, 2010

New Contest

Cristi's Creations is having another giveaway. She has cute hair clips and bracelets for children and the young at heart!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Girl!

Yesterday we went to the big zoo again. It was nice to meet up with Auntie Jen, Uncle Wally, Logan and Colton for the day. Savannah lets everyone who seems remotely interested that those are "my cousins, my boys!"

So after the zoo and shopping we all went out for supper. Savannah was happier than a pig in mud because they made her "Nocheese!" It came with spinach and artichoke dip, which she loves, but they melted cheese on the nachos specially for her. Mr. Mike's is our new favorite place to eat. Delicious! :D

Friday, April 2, 2010

Ever since Mexico

Savannah found a new favorite food while we were in Mexico. Nachos and cheese. We don't really have the same ones here though. Most of the places we eat out at don't even have them.

When she says "Nacho" it sounds more like "Nocheese" or "Noches."

Now, in most families that wouldn't be a problem. Only in this family, I am allergic to milk protein. So lots of times when I am ordering a meal I say "With no cheese."

Every time she hears me say that, Savannah gets excited and wants "Noches!" too.

Can anyone help me out with a way to make Nachos and cheese the same as in Mexico? Someone would be very excited and want to cook them up herself all the time!!!! :D

Have a great day. Talk to you soon.