Thursday, October 7, 2010

Officially Spoiled by Gramma's Mail!!!

A few days ago Savannah got a card in the mail from Auntie Michelle. On the way back to the house she says "Maybe she sent me some smushmallows!" I said, "No, there aren't any marshmallows in there. I think it's just a card."

Upon arrival to the house, she gets the letter opener, opens the envelope, takes the card out and holding it my one side shakes it and exclaims, "NUFFING!" Poor Auntie Michelle! Don't worry, I read the card to her, it was very nice.

Flower Gramma used to send flower seeds for Savannah's garden this Spring. Lately the cards have contained home made magnets with the cute Telus bunnies, hippos, etc on them. So, guess Savannah expects every card to come with something in it!!!

If only life and mail was that simple and good all the time. Here's hoping you get "Something good" in your mail today.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Nice try!

So tonight Savannah and I went to Tim Horton's to share a chili and a bun meal. We like to spread the chili on half the bun each and eat it that way. There is always leftover chili for the next day as we HAVE to share the doughnut dessert. Tonight it was one of those icing sugar covered ones filled with strawberry goo. MMMmmm. Savannah enjoyed the goo more than I did, I just like the doughnut!

After that we went to Walmart to get some supplies we needed for Daddy's upcoming birthday on Monday and a few odds and ends. Savannah is super excited about this party. She came up with the theme. Photos to come on Monday or Tuesday.

On the way home (at 8 p.m.) she decides to say "I have a surprise! Why don't we go swimming!"

Nice try little girl, nice try. Too bad it's bed time. :D