Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Three Year Olds Don't Forget Anything!

So we took the kids shopping at a big mall last weekend. Megan took Savannah for a bit to go shopping at some store that only Megan would be interested in. To get her to behave, Megan told Savannah that she would buy her an ice cream if she was good. About half an hour later they met up with the rest of us at “Old Navy” so I could try some outfits on Savannah. I couldn’t figure out why she kept talking about ice cream. After we picked out her outfits we went out to find Megan again. After asking her why Savannah was talking about ice cream she replied, “Because she didn’t forget!”

Have you ever noticed how various stores and businesses have different things they do for kids? Savannah equates the post office, doctor’s office, Salsa Tots and a music class to getting stickers. Walmart equals fries from McDonald’s which we do NOT get every time, just on long trips when we stop at specific Walmarts on the way. I like the convenience of being able to eat and do other shopping without loading a kid in and out of the car again! Savannah thinks Costco is about getting food samples, sharing a hot dog with Mummy and getting a smiley face drawn on the receipt as you leave the store. If the lady just tries drawing a line through the receipt, Savannah says “Smiley Face” quite loudly until the lady obliges her with one! Thank goodness the bakery counter people aren’t always at the counter when we go to Safeway. Don’t want her figuring out you can get a free cookie there all the time! Besides, that’s what Auntie Amber’s is for.

Mention the park or swimming might be on tomorrow’s agenda? Better be prepared to do that, or she won’t let you hear the end of it unless there is something even better planned instead. Drive by a midway set up somewhere. “Look Mummy! So FUN!!!!!” Cornfest is next weekend, complete with a midway, guess we’d better be prepared to drop a small fortune there! It will be so FUN though. Cornfest is something I look forward to all year. Guessing Savannah won’t have a problem going next time either!

Garage Sale Day

A couple weeks ago I decided to have a garage sale. I have several rose bowls and flowers arrangement containers to sell or give away. Instead of just selling the containers I thought I’d try selling arrangements. These are a couple of them. Unfortunately none sold, but first we, then a friend of mine got to enjoy them.

Savannah did some of her own garage sale shopping from the items that same friend brought over for us to sell. Here she is in her “new” unicorn slippers, hat and purse full of toy treasures!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Hair

Here is Denver and his "Beautiful Hair!" Two before photos.
He even combed it so he would look good for the pictures.

This is what was to be an after photo. Then he wanted a design carved into the side. His hair was still too long, so it didn't work properly. He said he just needed a prison sign for these photos, he felt like he was getting his mugshot taken! Doesn't the expression on his face look like it too?

This is a final after photo, with the new shaved head and star carved in the side!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Daddy's Girl

I think Savannah went into Daddy withdrawal when I took her to Manitoba for 10 days. She had lots of fun picking Strawberries, swimming, going to Auntie Francies', watching the parade and going to the fair. ( Oh yeah, during the parade a little boy was throwing play money to the crowd. Savannah got a pretend $10 bill and said it was Daddy's!)

When we weren't busy she was busy being a little stinker!!!!! Big attitude and lots of whininess.

Daddy had to come out to pick up a buffet for Mummy to bring back home. He got there really late. Savannah was so excited when she woke up in the morning and saw Daddy in bed! She had to come over and poke Mummy to show her that Daddy was there too. :D

Daddy spent the morning with us. Savannah was a changed little girl. So HAPPY! After that she was a GOOD girl for the rest of the trip. We didn't get back home with Daddy for two more days.

When we got home, Daddy was already camping. We just had to get ready and get out to the campground too. Savannah was excited to be home and play with all her things, so it took a little while to get her back in the car. As soon as we were in there though, it started! "We going canting, Mummy? Canting with Daddy?" Over and over until we got to the campground.

The funniest thing though was after we had been there for awhile. Savannah ran up to Daddy and said "You missed me Daddy!" Only she said "miss" instead of "missed."

Yep, I think she is glad to be home again!