Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yellow and more

From the other day when we were having Costco hot dogs, I neglected to blog about this funny conversation!

Savannah and Mummy like Ketchup on their hot dogs. Daddy has mustard, sauerkraut and hot peppers! Savannah saw me putting on the mustard for Daddy (he was paying for our purchases at the till). She asked "Daddy likes yellow?" I said "Yes, Daddy likes mustard on his hot dog."

Then when we were all sitting at a table she basically had this conversation with herself, but knew we were listening :

"Daddy likes yellow....mustard, but me I like Ketchup, yes, Ketchup is for me!"

Today I decided Savannah isn't just going to be a chef. She will be a fashion advisor, paper and phonebook deliverer as well!

All her clothes have to "match" these days. Usually matching to her means they are the same color, but sometimes not.

Since she has been about one year old she has helped deliver papers almost every week.

Once a year, for 3 years now, we have been delivering phonebooks. This year she has decided her part of the job is cutting the white plastic straps off the bundles. It's very important that Mummy and Daddy know that is her job! She also tells any kids along the way exactly what it is we are doing. Today she took a side job "helping" a lady catch her cat that had escaped out the front door. The cat was terrified of Savannah until the lady caught it and held it for Savannah to pet.

In general, Savannah is a very big helper of anything and everything anyone wants to do. Hope you all have "helpers" in your life too.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


I think that is Savannah's most favorite food. I thought she like Costco hot dogs the best, but today she only had two bites of that. I thought she would eat it later for supper, but when she was hungry she pulled this mornings leftover waffles out of the fridge and told me she likes waffles!

Of course they have to have strawberries and whipped cream (well fake stuff since I myself am allergic to milk protein).

The whipped cream is actually how the waffles got made this morning. A couple days ago Savannah found the NutriWhip container in our downstairs fridge. She brought it up and told me she wanted to make it. I said not that day, maybe another day. So we put it in the upstairs fridge "for another day."

Daddy is the one that always makes the waffles with his "Love bug!" This morning when she got up, Savannah checked the living room couch on the way to the kitchen. I heard her say, "Yay, Daddy's here!" Then she ran to the fridge to get out the whipped cream container. Of course she asked me if she could make it, so I sent her to ask Daddy.

Pretty soon they were in the kitchen cooking up some waffles. I got out the film camera to finish off the film (still not quite done). Savannah decided she needed her apron on before any photos were taken. It's actually quite amazing that she forgot to put it on first. She wears her special apron from Gramma G.G.'s that used to belong to Flower Gramma or Auntie Connie. Today she found Daddy's new apron from a sausage making course he took. So, of course, Daddy had to wear his apron too!

It will be great if she always likes to cook this much. She is going to be a proffesional chef soon.
So far Savannah's restaurant menu looks like this:


Lettuce Salad

Chocolate chip cookies


Breakfast, a light lunch and dessert, yup, I think she has it covered!

Mmmmm waffles, think I'll go have some now. Thanks Chef Savannah!

Friday, March 26, 2010

I Believe

...... in a lot of things. Things happen for a reason. Maybe sometimes we don't know why, maybe someday we will know. Maybe we won't, but they will help us to grow and learn.

I love the milk slogan from a few years ago.... "Always grow, grow all ways."

I also love the spirit that Christmas brings in most people, kind of like the Olympics did (also in most people).

Today the kids I took to the library program got play torches to represent dragon breath from the stories they were reading. I told them they were like the Olympic torch! Savannah just loves the Olympic torch. She REALLY wants to see it again.

This is our favorite video and a song I really like. I Believe It's the Olympic song from the Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010. Savannah freaks out every time the little girl in the video does too! :D Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


March 20th we got the call that my camera was fixed, ready and waiting to be picked up!

Of course, as luck would have it, I was not home that day, but lucky for me,
Rick went and picked it up, so now it is ready for me whenever the photo taking bug bites me again!

What relief! I will have a great camera to capture all the fun of Easter this year.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm supposed to be catching up on my blog!

Yeah right. Like that will ever happen!

While on our holiday I set the bag with my camera in it down on the ground so a Disney photographer could take our photo. Somehow I managed to hit the only teeny rock in the place! We didn't know until much later that the cover for the LCD screen cracked, like a windshield spiderweb crack! I wouldn't worry about it, but part of it was pushed in a bit and I am super worried that it would get pushed further and wreck the display screen. I was ill when I saw what happened. So anyway, over a week ago, we dropped it off at the camera store where we bought it. They sent it away for an estimate on getting it fixed. Still no word, just know that my camera will be gone for 6 to 8 weeks! The HORROR!

I am supposed to have time to catch up on blogging and scrapbooking now that I can't take a million photos every day. :D

So next Saturday Playhouse Disney is coming to a mall near here. Savannah is super excited that Strawberry Shortcake and maybe Mickey Mouse are coming to get their photo taken with her! You know, she is the star, not them. Rick said too bad I didn't have a camera for when we go. Then I had an epiphany! What did we do before digital cameras? Oh yeah, we have SEVERAL really good film cameras at home and plenty of film. Just Savannah will have to get used to not being able to see her picture right away!

Just a few more tidbits before I post this, with absolutely no photos today.

A few days ago S burped and informed me "I farted in my mouth!"

Today I told her it was time for bed. She said "but I'm playing." I told her she could play tomorrow. She replied "Okay Mummy" and got ready and went to bed!

She doesn't like Opiduses (Octopuses).

She loves Uzicked (Music).

She doesn't like it when we giggle at the things she says! She gets stage fright very easily these days.

She insists on pouring her own juice and gets her own snacks on a regular basis now. It's hard to keep track of everything she eats, until I find tidbits all over the place! I think she takes after her Mother. I still forget I've got a snack on the go and make another one!!!!

If she doesn't think she is allowed another snack she will get a prenzel (pretzel) or something else for herself and her brodder (brother).

She prays every night for a new baby brodder or stister (sister). Sure hope Heavenly Father answers those prayers soon. We are all waiting!

Signing off and anxiously awaiting all your comments! Night all.