Sunday, June 22, 2008

So cute

From Savannah's birthday. We went outside just before 8 a.m. to take these photos.

This is my favorite. She was admiring the flowers and talking about Gramma again!

The cake I made for her with an icing recipe from Mum. It was delicious, or as Savannah would say "Licious!"

This was before Megan's Royal Gala youth dance. Savannah is just dressed up for photos with her big sister.

Denver in his dance costume from their "Goodlife" routine.

Savannah checking out an Iris that she picked!

Savannah and her big brother, this is such a good photo of them.

I LOVE this outfit on her, we got it at Disney World. She was having a great time collecting sticks and hauling them around on our walk.

THE END (for now)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fun at Mama and Pop Pop's!

When we were at Mum and Dad's she couldn't say "Gramma" so Savannah called her "Mama." I am "Mummy" or more recently "PAM!" She hears all the other kids calling me that. Mum gave us some flowers to bring home, so for a long while, everytime she saw flowers, Savannah would say "Gramma!"
She sure liked "riding" the quad!

Smelling the flowers was fun too!

Busy buzzy bee

Now all she wants to do is climb ladders everywhere.

Nora the donkey

Here Nora, you look hungry.

I call this "Wizard of Oz, the Tinman" pose.