Sunday, September 30, 2007

Good times for Savannah

Just some photos of Savannah over the past month. These first two are from when we went camping September long weekend. That is her favorite outside toy in the background. She was climbing the steps into our trailer.

Balloons from Megan's birthday party, the day after. They sure were fun until she started popping them and chewing on the rubber bits! After that I got rid of them.

Her new favorite breakfast. She can eat a whole banana in under 3 minutes!

Look at me, I'm standing!

Anything like a box is made for sitting in.

Cool Denver, these are neat!

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere.

This is the puppy dog. She puts straws (a favorite since about 9 months) or her spit rags in her mouth and then crawls along!

Isn't this the CUTEST thing you have ever seen?

Playing with her farm. She loves it!

Wanna play with me?

Gramma Susan gave her this toy boat. She like to play with it too.

Daddy can you read me a story? She brought this book to Rick and had him read it to her. She did it to me today as well!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Denver's Birthday!

Here are the photos, not many good ones, but I put on what I could. He had three boys come. They went swimming at the Tri-Leisure Centre foar a couple hours to start. It was the Tri's 5th anniversary so there were quite a few things going on. They all ended up with "tatoos" (note Denver's forehead) and frisbees from the events. I believe they also had candy, but I never saw any of it!
Next they came here, ate supper and opened presents. The first one is a Lego Bionicle set from one of the boys.

"Hey, this is perfect, want to play this after?"

Thanks Gramma and Grampa Johnston.

A K'Nex car from another friend.

Isn't he cute?

Something is tasty! Note: Ladybug face painting from the Tri. I took Savannah there to play in their toddler gym for a little while.

He figured out in a hurry what this new game was for.

His new PS3 (Play Station 3) That's what he has been asking about for a long time. His PS2 doesn't work properly most of the time. This new one will play the games from both.

Time for birthday cake from DQ of course!

Savannah loves it too!

Everyone eating their cake.

After they were done the cake they went outside to play volleyball for awhile. Then it was 5 pm and time to go home. Denver spent a little while longer playing his new game after everyone left.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Megan's birthday

Megan decided to invite all the Young Women and Young Men from church for her 15th birthday/back to school party at our house this year. She also had her best friend from school last year over as well.

Several of the guests. The two girls on the left are playing DDR (Dance Dance Revolution, a dance video game). They played DDR, "Bop it!," they found that somewhere in the basement and Air Hockey. We also had hot dogs, hamburgers, lemonade, and chips available for those that were hungry. After that we had the biggest DQ cake ever! There was only one piece left for my dayhome kids at the end of the night. There were at least 26 youth (14-17) plus a few parents and our Bishopric that came throughout the evening.

Note: Megan is spelled (Meghan) on the cake because her friend at work wanted to do it that way to bug her. :)

Next it was time for the presents. Denver gave her a discman so she can listen to her own music in the car or wherever. Several people that came gave her little gifts as well. Then it was time for some fun! Her present (so she thought) was in a huge box from us. Inside was the first of several clues to send her on a "treasure hunt" for her presents. They are a lime green shower curtain and fushia bath mat, a lime green laundry hamper, and finally a red cell phone. Her reaction when she finally got it was, "SWEET!" I think she was kind of stunned (she was actually speechless) for a few minutes!

Savannah says, "Won't my big sister just love this present? I sure do!"


Looking at yet ANOTHER cell phone ad on the wrapping paper. She had been noticing them all over the place for weeks!

Clue #1: Just when you thought you were opening your present, guess again! It's time to go on a quest, from your parents who ARE the very best!
It may be near, it may be far, maybe it fell out when we got out of the car?

Clue#2: Nope not here, maybe under the hockey rink?

The "hockey rink" was the Air Hockey table!

Clue #3: What are you thinking? It would never be here, but Dad may have put it in his truck where it is nice and safe! Maybe you should ride with him once in awhile!!!

The aftermath of the "big" present box. Note: there is a hand and knee sticking out of the box! Boxes amuse little children and big children!!!

Clue #4: Nope! You spend so much time in the bathroom, maybe we put it in there.

Clue #5: Not Denver's bathroom, try yours!

New shower curtain and bathmat.

Clue #6: Why would we put it here when we like to put gifts in a place you see on a daily basis? Go check your room.

New laundry hamper.

Clue #7: This is where we would have hid it, but I may have lost it yesterday. Maybe it fell from my pocket when I picked up your cake.

She had to go to DQ, so a friend from the party drove her there. Apparently there they made her look all over for it! We didn't know what was taking so long.

Clue#8: Come on you know I am more careful than that. It's probably nice and safe at home under your pillow. Now get someone to sing you Happy Birthday so you can come back home. Better hurry!

Our living room has never had this many kids in it ever!

I don't have a photo of it yet, but when she looked under her pillow she found a REALLY old cell phone from Rick's work (the big kind that don't flip open) and a note. The note was something like "You weren't really expecting a nice cell phone were you?"

While she was reading the note I dialed her new cell number and she heard it ringing from her bookshelf.

Big smiles again! I think she just couldn't believe it was real.

Comparing the cell phone to the photo on the DQ clue. They are the same. Pretty much after that she went around taking photos of everyone with the phone. Then most of the youth took turns going in the hot tub. They all had a good time.

Megans' new wallet. Savannah says "It's mine! Get your own!"