Monday, November 30, 2009

Scrapbook testing!

Trying out something new!

When you get to the page with 4 photos on the bottom, pause the slideshow, you can click at the bottom right to pause and move forward or back in the show. After you pause on the 4 photo page, click on the individual photos at the bottom and they will load as larger photos up top. Enjoy!

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

"Ponsa Time"

Three year olds still don't forget anything! We were on our way into the city to drop the kids off for shopping at the mall. Savannah wanted her vitamin. We told her it was at home. She still insisted on having it. Finally we told her she could have it when we got back home, if she reminded us. Almost 3 hours later we were on the way home. Savannah said "My vitamin's at home!" She was making sure we didn't forget. :D

Two nights ago as usual, I was tucking her into bed. After prayer, which she calls "Dear Heavenly Father," she had a different request. Usually she wants Daddy to come tuck her in right away too. This time she said "I want to do Ponsa time!" I asked her what that was. "Ponsa time!" I let her know I had no clue what that was. Then I asked her to do "Ponsa time."

"Ponsa time there was a Seepy E-UTee!"

"Oh!, Once apon a time there was a Sleeping Beauty!"

Then I proceeded to tell her a story about Savannah and her good day and how she was going to sleep now. What other Sleeping Beauty could there possibly be?

Have a great day all you believers and nonbelievers. Sleeping Beauty lives here!