Monday, January 22, 2007


It all started with this coin purse I made for myself! Well, not quite, I got the purse idea from some of my old neighbors, but didn't try the purse until second. I love this coin purse. It's a bit odd and off center, but it holds LOTS of coins and various other things.

Here is the first purse I made:

Then I got asked to make some custom smaller coin purses from a pattern my customer had found. Little boys especially, love to use these as wallets. I've had a couple teenagers purchase them as well.

After those I made LOTS of purses and coin purses for the Christmas crafts sales we attend. Here is a teal purse. I made red, orange, blue, green, teal, and purple solid color purses as well as the mixed color purses like the first one I made. I no longer use the snaps to close the flap as velcro is much easier to use and I find it actually holds more of the flap closed.

The Educational Diaper Bag came next. Right now it is my favorite thing. So big and perfect for the Mum that likes to be prepared when away from home! My previous post is all about it.

Megan and Denver have the only two actual wallets I have made so far. They are a combination of Kool-Aid Jammers juice pouches and duct tape style wallets! Much easier to make that way than trying to figure out how to sew them and still have them fold properly. Megan's was actually made in the Fall. Denver's was just made last night.

This is Denver's

This is Megan's

What they look like when closed

Now here is a binder that Megan brought home to be fixed. She wanted a new binder, but I refuse to pay outrageous middle of the school year prices for a binder! It looks quite good I think! Even with all the Tic-Tac-Toe on the covers.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Educational Recycled Diaper Bag

The following information is mostly text and photos from my Etsy store page. I am quite happy with how this item turned out!! :) For the full listing please click on the title of this blog for a link to my store page.

This original is a versatile, large diaper bag made from recycled Del Monte fruit juice pouches. The pouches have all been carefully opened and thoroughly cleaned by myself. Also the glue from the straws has been removed from the front of the pouches.

It measures approximately 13 1/2 inches across, 10 1/2 inches wide by 10 3/4 inches tall. The handle (strap) hangs 22 inches when on your shoulder.

One side of the bag features a large pocket with a center velcro closure. This allows you to place smaller items in the bottom of the pocket and leaves plenty of room to place a bottle or two on either side of the velcro.

The top flap features two 3 1/4 inch velcro strips to allow you to adjust how you close the bag based on how full it is.

I really LOVE this type of bag as it cleans easily with a damp cloth if you or your child happen to spill something on it. It is also very strong and durable for years of use.

Pass it on to others in your family when you have finished with it! It also makes a great gift for a new or experienced Mother. Your toddler may also like it as a carrying bag for all his/her toys and special items when going on an outing. Great as an educational tool when in a doctors office (or waiting for some other appointment), you can make up games pointing out different fruits or colors. Also has fruit names in English and French if you'd like to experiment with another language!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Most of my Ornament Swap Ornaments

Michelle (one of my sisters) wanted to know what the ornaments I received in the Ornament Swap look like. So here they are (well most of them). I also received a very nice christmas card thing with the wreath ornament that consisted of three snowflakes on light blue circles joined together with silver ribbon. I put it up as an ornament too!

The first ornament that came is a horse transferred onto organic cotton , sewn into a sort of circle and hung with organic blue hemp thread. It is from Cindy.

A couple days later I received a very nice set of five paper ornaments. They can also be used as gift tags. They looked lovely hung with wire hooks from garland in my kitchen window. These came from Rebecca of Moontree Press.

Next came a cute little wreath and stocking ornament made from hand-dyed yarns. It hangs from a piece of green paper ribbon. This is the ornament that the snowflake card came with as well. The wreath was made by Joni.

I borrowed this picture of Rachel F.'s the Ornament Swap item from Joni. I call this set of 3 one inch badges my "Stop lights." They are red, gold, and green sparkly little things.

I'm not sure what to think of this one. I'm guessing it is a "Support Your Troops" kind of thing, but I have never seen anything like it before. Any ideas? It is from Amanda.

I really like this cute little apron and hanger. So Does my daughter. Laurel made it.

Next is a felt owl. Kind of Halloween colors, but I like it. It is from Anneka.

The last one I received is a lovely felted mitten with a red heart on it. Felting is neat. Kari made this one.

I am still waiting for one ornament, but I am beginning to think it is a lost cause. Thank goodness I wasn't in the group that is still waiting for four ornaments!

Here are a couple pictures of the paper ornament tags hanging in my kitchen window.

Just for Michelle, here are a few pictures of Christmas dinner!!!!! (Got the idea from your IKEA meatball picture!)

Tuesday, January 2, 2007


I was almost done today's blog and my computer decided to restart!

Got my desk organized today, so hopefully this new year will be a little more organized and productive. Supposed to have my Dayhome up and running in the next couple weeks and maybe our foster home as well. Looking forward to having little kids around again.

Our kids (aged 10 and 14) are busy being bored this week! Tomorrow is the 2 week mark that they have been on Christmas holidays and we still have until next Monday before school starts again!

We have Sears catalogues to deliver tomorrow, so that should use up part of the day. I have a Nativity egg order from my Etsy shop to custom make, so that is exciting. It is my favorite craft. I am a huge collector of Nativities. Ask my brother! Edward says there are way to many around here!

I recently joined EtsyKids so am hoping to get all my new friends on there linked to this blog as well as my other Etsy friends. It is a great place to meet other crafters with similar interests.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog. Please leave a comment about what you think, or ideas of topics you'd like to see. TTFN