Friday, May 22, 2009

More Funny Words and Stuff

A few days ago we went to our playgroup, but Savannah's best friend Mya couldn't come. She was sick. Savannah was so disappointed that Mya couldn't come. We talked about it for quite awhile as she kept asking about Mya. Today we were planting some special Lily bulbs from Gramma G.G. and Savannah started talking about Mya. "Yeah, she's sick, she has a beber!!" It was cute. I'm glad she is learning compassion for others.

"Tater's" birthday party was on May 9th. It was lots of fun. In Savannah's treat bag there was a skipping rope. I think she has seen them a few times on "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" which is one of her favorite shows. She calls the skipping rope her "Jumping Bean!"

Bay Bing Soup sounds more like Baby Soup now. (See previous post if you don't know what this is about!)

We had spaghetti for supper and a lunch this week. Savannah doesn't even try to say spaghetti. She just wants NOONles.

For a month or so now I've noticed she has quite the imagination. She does a lot of talking to herself and her toys when she is playing. Recently she must have found an imaginary friend. She is always mad at it though. Last week in the sandbox (alone) she hollered out, "Give me back my shovel!" She also hollers things at Akaycia when she is not here. It's funny because she and Akaycia don't fight that much when Akaycia is here. Today she was telling her to "Get out of my car Akaycia!" Strange.

I other news, I am finally getting stuff planted out in the flowerbeds. The ugly Juniper is gone from the front, the grey landscape rocks are being taken by people and I am making a raised flowerbed in the back with larger rocks all around it. So glad it is Spring again!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Funny Stuff

This is mostly going to be about little things Savannah says and does, but I have to put in one thing of Megan's! :D

So here is Megan's funny thing: One day after school Megan told me that when she was getting ready for seminary she thought her toothpaste was burning her mouth. So then she caught herself blowing on her toothpaste to cool it! Afterwards she wondered if she had really done it or dreamt it. The next day she told me she did it again! Oh, the things you do when you are half asleep!

Recently we visited one of the girls I used to babysit in my day home. Her name is Taylor. Now Savannah can't stop talking about "My Tater!"

When we drive by places she recognizes she has to make sure we all KNOW about them. For example, quite loudly she will say "I see Denver's school, See, Denver's school, Daddy, Denver's school, Mummy, see, Denver's school. I see Denver's school!" Yep, she says it that much, over and over until she can't see it anymore. No one else can have a conversation until we are past it because she is much too loud and insistent that you "See it too!" Replace "Denver's school" with "Megan's school" or the swimming pool.

The swimming pool is funnier though. It's "I SEE SWIMMING! I SEE SWIMMING! Ariel, my bay bing soup! Ariel swimming, my bay bing soup! My bay bing soup at home? Tater bay bing soup?" "Tater" lives near the pool as Savannah just discovered! Oh dear. Ariel is on her Little Swimmers and is also her new favorite Disney Princess. (My favorite part of this is her bay bing soup! It sounds just exactly like that.)

Overheard quite often when she is talking on her new Princess cell phone from Flower Gramma (or any other phone she can get her hands on, or something that she is pretending is a phone, could be her hand, or a dress up shoe, or just about anything!) "HehWoah, yeah, Ariel lives far away. Yeah, Princess. Oh, okay, bye."

As Megan's friend Jordi just discovered Savannah is also a texter. She has been copying Megan and texting for quite awhile now. Jordi was sitting in the back seat and just amazed by that. She said "No Megan, you don't understand, she's really texting! She's pushing some of the numbers twice and everything!" I have a feeling she's texting the world that "Ariel lives far away!" She also knows Aerie lives far away and sometimes mentions that too.

SUPPER READY! Ask her to go tell Megan and/or Denver or Daddy that supper is ready and she runs to the top of the stairs or to the living room, depending where they are and HOLLERS that at the top of her lungs!

Yeah, she gets loud and excited about a lot of things.

Drive by McDonald's and she wants chicken and pies (fries). If we turn in there, "Chicken and pies" is accompanied by "Yay!" and a lot of excited clapping! We don't eat there much, usually just on long trips, so it is exciting! lol

Going for a trip on the elevator? Nope, it's an alligator!

Watching Peter Pan? Nope, it's called scary! (That's for the scary pirates like we saw at Disney World on the "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride. She loved it and says "Scary pirates, arrrr all the time.)

Ladybugs are "gonna get you!" and apparently spiders are "scusting," but she is okay with me putting them outside.

Things that taste good are "Liscious!"

"Bye, Daddy! Bye, Daddy's truck!"

"Bye, have a good day!" that's for everyone that ever comes here and leaves this house.

Hope your day is wonderful and you find something funny in it to laugh about later!