Wednesday, August 8, 2007

First Family Holiday

July 21st we were on our way! This is Savannah listening to Megan's tunes during the long ride in the truck.

That evening we camped at an RV park on the outskirts of Saskatoon. Megan and Denver went for an exploration bike ride and found this old building. They figure it is haunted!

This is a cool old bike hanging in the building. There was all sorts of junk in it. I think it was a house at one time. A few of the doors look like barn doors though, so could have been a barn also.

We arrived at Gramma's on the 22nd. She didn't like the kids to have to say "Great Gramma" all the time, so she is Gramma to everyone.

Here is Savannah, our new budding pianist. Megan was teaching Denver "Ode to Joy" and a few other songs. Savannah thought it looked like fun, so after that she just climbed up on the bench to play piano whenever she felt like it! Which was quite often!!!!!

Auntie Connie took Megan and Denver to Whitefish Lake on the 23rd. These photos are from when everyone went on the 24th.

Gramma Phyllis from her vantage point, with Rick taking a break after his long swim.

Megan drying off, or warming up to go again!

Auntie Connie and Denver catching minnows. This kid has a fishbowl for his head, with fish swimming around in it non-stop all summer.

Gramma's farm viewed across a field.

A bee on my travels cutting flowers to make arrangements for the fair.

Gramma and Savannah. Denver and I in the background with all my flowers for arranging.


Aren't we a happy pair! I love my new Gramma!

Several of my arrangements for the fair. I did 12 in all.

July 26th after dropping of our fair entries Rick and I met Auntie Connie and the kids at the museum. That was a lot of fun. Everyone enjoyed it. We saw an escaped pet rabbit that seems to live there and quite a few frogs. Megan discovered she likes antique things. She and Denver really liked seeing everything and learning what they were for.

This is all the kids on antique tractors.

Inside Lady Hubble school we found this "Rules for Teachers" list from 1872. I think if you double click on it you should be able to get a larger copy of the photo to read it for yourself.

Ready for school!

Starting young as an attentive student!

Will someone please shine my shoes?

Okay Denver, but I don't know how well this is going to work.

Auntie Connie and the kids outside the Blacksmith shop.

July 26th at the parade. Savannah discovered that suckers are the best thing in the world! For now anyway.

July 27th we all (minus Gramma) went to Madge Lake and met our cousins there.

This is Savannah posing in front of the lake. She really enjoyed Whitefish Lake when we were there, but didn't want to have anything to do with the water at Madge Lake. Though she enjoyed the boat ride immensely!

Here are our cousins: Elisha, Hannah, Maureen, Liam, and Bill.

Megan and one of her favorite activities at Gramma's house. Playing with the kittens trying to tame them. She was able to pet them a couple times while doing this.

Denver petting the tamest kitten.

Playing piano on the last day (the 30th), while everyone was getting ready to head home.

Megan, Savannah, Pamela, Gramma Phyllis and Denver

Gramma and the kids.

Savannah thinks suckers are for sniffing for some unknown reason!!!!! This was taken on the long drive home.

We had planned on stopping somewhere to camp for the night, but when we got close to the Battlefords, there were tornado watches for most of the area. Denver thought it would be cool to sleep in the 5th wheel during a tornado, but we knew better! So we kept on trucking and arrive home at 10 pm. There was a tornado that touched down near North Battleford, so we are glad we came home. It gave the kids and I a day to relax before day home kids started coming again.