Monday, December 11, 2006

Ornament Swap

In November I joined an ornament swap (as seen on my sister's blog). Click on "Ornament Swap" at the top of this to see the blog about it.

Just wanted to post the photos of the ornaments I've sent out to everyone on my list. So far I've received two back from fellow Etsy crafters. Can't wait for the rest to come in the mail!
I crochetted "Sugar Plums" and added ribbon accents and bows. In my letter accompanying them I said the recipient could add a bell to the center of the bow or hang a small ornament (my Mum has a porcelin dove in hers), in the space in the middle of the ornament.
For all you experienced bloggers out there: please bear with the messiness of my posts for now. I am having technical difficulties with my limited knowledge on how to do this!!!!
Catch ya later!

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

I'm finally a blogger!!!!!

This is a red letter day, as I am finally into the world of blogging. After reading my sister's blog for awhile now and reconnecting with a friend (around the world in Australia) through her blog, I have decided it is my turn to get in on the action. I hope to share my photos and other do dad's in this blog. Also I am hoping it will be a place for all my Etsy friends to come and see a little more of what I am about.

You can see my Etsy shop here:

My sister's Etsy shop is here:

Feel free to check them out and link them in your blogs and websites as well!