Friday, April 20, 2007

My Etsy

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This is neat. You can click on the photos and go directly to my Etsy page for the item you chose. Time to make some new things to list!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Visits to Gramma and Grampa's House

Just for you Mum here are a couple photos of Savannah with you and Dad when we came to visit.

This photo is the best one from our first visit on March 25th, 2007.

Next is the naptime scene!!!!!

Here is a photo of Savannah and Dad when he actually got to hold her on April 15th, 2007! It is the best photo of Savannah in the three photos. Dad was looking at her.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Early Mother's Day surprise!

So, I took my sister, Jillian, up to Mum and Dad's this past weekend. Savannah came with us to visit Gramma and Grampa again too. Gramma was too sick to play with her much. She let Grampa hold her once, as long as he didn't talk!!!

When we got back home on Sunday, Rick couldn't wait to give me my Mother's Day gift that he had purchased the day before. He kept telling me it was up to me if I opened it then or Mother's Day, but I told him it was up to him! So a little while later he comes out with something behind his back saying the wrapping leaves something to be desired! In a bag from the store is the digital camera I have had my eye on for almost two years. We saw the first one like it when we were on our holidays in California. It is a Canon 30D. It is great! I can even show my photos on our t.v. now, so that is nice instead of seeing them on a small computer screen or the camera display.

Here is a photo of my new camera: