Tuesday, December 21, 2010


If you haven't read "Sushi," read it before this one, or you will be lost! :D

Tonight I was reading Savannah a bedtime story. I had choosen one entitled "Santa's Eleven Months Off," by Mike Reiss. It talks about what Santa does the other 11 months of the year when not preparing for Christmas. As I was reading, Savannah told me that Daddy read her this story.

In the part about February, Santa goes to Hollywood. One line says "Sunshine! Sushi! Flashy cars!"

OH! Sushi! Guess that word stuck with her.


Savannah was playing in the tub this morning. Just as I was getting her out, she had a conversation with "Sushi." She was saying "Goodbye Sushi, I'll see you tomorning!" I asked her if she knew what sushi was. Thought maybe she had named a fish that. Nope, it was a Ladybug! Funny girl.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Mongolie Girl

We have a favorite restaurant in our family. At least for 2 out of 3 of us, it's the favorite. Mongolie Grill. Savannah absolutely LOVES it. I mean who wouldn't. You get to make your own stir-fry. There is a large variety of vegetables, meats and sauces to choose from. If you don't like your meal, it's your own fault!!! Our favorite part though, is the rice wraps, paper thin wraps that you put your rice and stir-fry choices into. Then you fold it up and enjoy every delicious mouthful. MMMMmmm, I'm getting hungry now! :D

Savannah also loves that they make her "kids" chopsticks, complete with a rolled up napkin and elastic (like a spring action lever) to make it easier for her to use them. No worries though, if they don't do it, she is perfectly fine handling the adult chopsticks too.

So a couple times lately we have been "just driving by" on our way to do other things. The first time we passed it the way we usually drive to it. So it was no surprise that she noticed "Mongolie Girl." Today, however, we drove past it from a different direction. I wouldn't have even noticed. From the back seat we heard, "Mongolie Girl, I see Mongolie Girl!" I don't think we could sneak past it if we were trying too.

No, we didn't go eat there. It's a little more expensive these days, so it's a once in awhile treat. Too bad. I LOVE Mongolie Grill too.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Ho Ho Ho Hum

I have a strong dislike for November. We've decided next year we are just going to call it Remember! Maybe it's just because it comes after the excitement of Halloween and before the excitement and joy of the Christmas season. Maybe it's more than that. It seems like almost every year something not so nice happens during that month for my family.

So years ago, I started decorating for Christmas about the first week of November. This year I started on the first. It was great. Christmas decorating always puts me in a good mood. It takes at least a month for me to decorate, a little at a time. Mostly due to the large number of Nativities I own and the garland I loop around the walls next to the ceiling.

This November was pretty good for me. I got a lot of my decorating done, just a little bit left. Maybe I'll get some more decorations! :D I've also done a cookie exchange of which most of the cookies are already gone. Cake class has been a lot of fun as well.

The best part of November has been Savannah's excitement for Christmas. She kept saying things like "Christmas is coming soon, but we need a lot more snow!"

So amidst all the ho hum of everyday life we are in full swing for the HO HO HO and happy times of December. Having kids at this time of year is great! I can hardly wait to see her joy on Christmas morning.

Happy December everyone!!!