Monday, September 22, 2008

Through a Child's Eyes

When we came home from Amber's on Saturday night the sky was clear and the stars were out.

Savannah stopped halfway to the house, looked up, pointed, and in hushed tones said "WOW!"

Have you looked at a beautiful creation of God's and said "WOW!" lately?

Gramma G.G.'s (Great Gramma)

My favorite place in the world!
Looking from the road to the front of her house. I've been taking photos like this for years. It's neat to compare the changes over the years, especially the difference in the trees.

Savannah next to Gramma's mailbox on the road to the garden.

The right side of the creek. Savannah thought this was great!

Borage flowers in the garden

The garden (early July) The white bags are to keep wildlife from running into the Pea fences.

Savannah remembered these from our visit in early March and decided she and I both needed to wear stickers!

Enjoying a cookie on the way to the garden

Tasting rhubarb. She liked the taste, but not the stringy texture.

In the field next to the garden. Unfortunately the "shadow" is a piece of dust that got on the camera lens. I still like this photo though.

Dad's vehicle in the long grass. We always liked to go down the barnyard road to see this and other sights! She thought the outside Kitties needed to be fed. She was trying to clean up her mess too!

Little pink girl in front of the "new" and "old" barns

The "old" barn. It's been leaning like this for as long as I can remember

Savannah just had to drive this tractor. It belongs to the people that rent Gramma's land.

If only she could reach the pedals, she would be driving!

Look how strong I am!

Looking out the bedroom window. I've spent many hours watching birds, cats, and people from here.

Putting her "baby" to sleep in the kitchen.

She loved the "kid" doorknob (an old spool)
Gramma where she always stands to wave her last goodbyes

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Just a little tidbit to entertain you while I work on other posts. I consider this trouble, depending on your point of view you may see it as cute!!! Enjoy!

Now I know you can't give me heck for getting off the potty, 'cause I'm still on it!!!!

How does Daddy do this?

I thought this was Megan's makeup. Turns out it was soot that fell down the basement chimney!
What's next? Your guess is as good as mine.