Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Savannah's 1st Birthday

Our first camping trip of the year! It ended up just being overnight, but it was fun anyway. Awhile ago we decided to have the birthday party at a park so there would be enough room for everyone. Devon Lions Campground turned out to be a central meeting place for everyone. It is a nice place to stay as well. There is a river, great for fishing.
The day started out nice, then the cotton fluff from the Cottonwood trees began to "snow" down. When the wind picked up you could hardly see anything for all of the fluff! Shortly after that it began to pour! So everyone took refuge in the camper or under the awning. It was quite cold.
After the quick downpour there was no fluff left! Thanks for the rain!!!!! Then we got on with the party, roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, opening presents, eating cake and visiting with everyone.
We were glad to hear that Savannah is looking more like her own self and not so much like her sister, Bailey, now! She is growing like a weed.
Now for the pictures:
The birthday girl and Gramma Susan. Gramma and Grampa Lamont came up on Thursday to visit until after the party.

I'm such a pretty girl. Mummy calls this my "flapper" bow. Gramma S. thought I should wear it!

This was a great day for Daddy. Mummy said he could finally give me some licorice and I learned to say "Dada" shortly after that!

Playing with my cousin Jackson. He turned one in April.

Gramma Jennie.

My brother, Denver and Grampa Donald roasting hot dogs for lunch.

Auntie Amber's friends, Treena and Blaize and Grampa Lamonte, enjoying roasted marshmallows.

The rest of the family arrives. Auntie Debbie and Uncle Scott, Wolfe, Jade and "Auntie" Angie. My sister, Megan is on the right side of this photo too!

Me with my Aunties.


Auntie Amber and Jackson.

Whatcha got Denver?

Well, are you reading it too me or what? Denver read the first card to Savannah and then the names of who things were from for most of the rest of the cards.

Look at my new outfits.

I love my new "Savannah" bowl. It came with a fork and spoon as well.

I can't believe it another thing that isn't pink! Purple with Eyeore. Cousin Sierra is modelling it for me.

Pretty pink skirt set.

My new dolly is definately a favorite.

Munching on my new bath rabbit and looking at sand toys.

Most of my new bath stuff.

The cake. It was yummy. White with a strawberry jam layer.

This looks good.

What is this stuff anyway?

Mmmmmmmmmmm, I like that!

I can't waste any, it's so delicious.

Wolfe, playing swords.

Denver playing ball.

Gramma Jennie brought bubbles to try. Wolfe did them then let Jade try.

Jade caught on really quick. She loved the bubbles!

Mummy got the bright idea to do my feet and hand prints for my baby book. It was lots of fun. Afterwards I got to have a bath in the camper sink with my new froggie bath toys. The perfect ending to a great day. I can't wait until my next birthday!!!!!

A good footprint.

The End