Wednesday, December 12, 2007

2007 December Family Photos

These photos were taken Sunday, December 9th, 2007. Hope you like them!

Savannah needed a break in this next photo! At least two of the three were smiling!

Savannah loves Gaffer.

Nice kitty!

You need a kiss.

So cute.

Checking out the tree.

Denver, all smiles.

Showing off next to the fireplace. The box in her hand she was using for a "phone."

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Busy, busy, BUSY!

This is in respose to an email that said we must not be doing anything new since nothing new is on my blog! All I have to say is I am MUCH too busy these days to get much on here.

Here is what our November calendar looks like:

There are also several things not on here. Like scrapbooking on the 21st, adoption fair on the 24th, making a garland and live wreath for the "Festival of Trees," and babysitting Jackson and Sierra overnight on the 24th.

Now I am busy making 12 potscrubbers for a lady that ordered them. Next is making 8 more paper quilled Christmas tree ornaments for a swap I joined again. Then hopefully I can finish decorating the house and getting ready for Christmas here. Also letters and cards need to be finished and sent to everyone!

Catch ya later!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

2nd Annual Holiday Ornament Swap That is the link for the 2nd Annual Ornament swap. I signed up again. Just about missed it as the sign up only lasts until tomorrow!

Thursday, November 1, 2007


This photo was actually taken on September 13th, 2007. It was a BIG spider that came in on the plants I brought in the night before. Rick found it on the arm of our couch and got me out of bed to take pictures of it and then get it out of the house before the kids saw it!

Denver came home from school on October 30th with purple hair! Some kids in grade 6 or 7 were charging people $1 to do this. I think they made a LOT of money as there were several children that walked by here with the same thing. It was all out of his hair by the next morning. I still have to get a photo of him in his costume to put on here. Megan didn't go Trick-or-Treating as none of her friends were going.

Savannah at a Halloween party we were invited to at another day home. There were close to 20 children there under school age! They all wore their costumes and listened to a Halloween Clifford story. ate "spiders" made out of ritz with cheese whiz in the middle which held in pretzel stick legs and cheeze whiz dots on the top to hold on raisin eyes. I wish I had taken a photo of those. Then they had pumpkin or bat cookies as well. After that they all played with the MILLION toys in the basement and listened to Monster Mash.

This was the scene in our neighbor's yard yesterday morning. In the evening there was one more dummy in red coveralls, plus another "dummy" that was really the neighbor with a mask on. He had a smoke machine behind him that he used plus a chainsaw (with no chain) in his hands. Everytime older kids would be heading back out to the street from his house he would get up swing the chainsaw around and cut the heads off a couple of the dummies. Most of the kids got pretty freaked out. I found out later that when Rick was home he would hide behind the door with it open a little so he could hear the kids coming. When they got to the step he would throw open the door and make horrible noises. Apparently he got more screams because the kids were already freaked out from the other house and ours didn't look scary at all. We had no decorations outside, our one pumpkin that got finished never made it out on the steps this year!

Skeleton bride. I think her groom was in the window in his pajamas!

Accident scene. Little girl on her bike run over by a truck.

No wonder there was an accident, look who was driving!

My dayhome kids, Savannah and I all dressed up after the party

Savannah all tuckered out after "Trick-or-Treating!" She absolutely LOVED Trick-or Treating. I asked her a couple times if she liked it and she would say Yep or Yes. I also would say want to Trick-or-Treat at that house and she would say Yep everytime! I finally just brought her home because her hands were getting frozen. I had a bag for the food bank in town again so it was no problem to come back. People kept giving me canned food! I told them they take candy too, but lots of people still gave me cans and someone gave me $2. The food bank will get quite a variety from us this year. I'm taking Savannah's leftover baby food too.

Isn't she cute?

After we got back the first time she was trying to put all our hand out candy into her bag!

Mmmmmmmmm Smarties!

The cutest little Tinkerbell ever. Her facepainting was done at the Tri-Leisure Center "Halloween Hoopla."

Happy baby.

Healthy snack of grapes before bed.

Oh Mum I am too tired, just put me to bed. No more pictures!

Last one. Night night.

Friday, October 26, 2007

"The best thing about this place is all the work!"

That title is a direct quote from Denver about his Gramma and Grampa Johnston's farm.

The first two photos are from October 13th when Dad and Denver cleaned the rest of the straw out of Jenny's old doghouse. Denver wanted to drive the lawnmower! Later Mum told him he could come back in the summer and there would be lots of grass for him to mow. He is so proud because he has already driven a golf cart, a bobcat and a lawn mower. Megan hasn't driven anything and she is past 15 already!

These next few photos are Denver and Dad cutting all the Hops plants off the side of the trailer. There were a LOT of them! These and all the rest are from October 14th.

"Miss Bob," I call her "Bobby" sat on the doorstep, oblivious to all the work going on around the corner. Pretty girl, too bad she froze her ears and did something to her tail!

These were some of the Hops already on the ground. I really like this photo. Lots of color and textures in it.

Monday, October 22, 2007

My Hoya has Finally Bloomed!!!!!

I have had this plant for YEARS and it barely grew at all. It grew a little in Taber, but has really taken off this year. I guess it likes the large North facing kitchen window. There are two bunches of flowers and another set of buds on it right now. These are photos of the largest bunch. I LOVE the smell. It reminds me of Gramma's house. Too bad I can't have "Scratch and Sniff" computer screens for you!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fall Family Photos

This is a few of the family photos that we took in the park near our home on Thanksgiving Day. Monday, October 8th, 2007. I think they turned out quite well. Just need a little work on posing the kids! Enjoy!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Weird potato!

Has anyone else ever seen a potato like this? We got out the potatoes for Denver to make supper one night and they were all normal except this one in the bottom of the bag! I've never seen anything like it. One of the girls I babysit said "Maybe the potato was lonely!"