Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I LOVE my Flowerbeds...

and so does Savannah. A selection of a few flowers so far this year.

Savannah was super proud to show everyone that came over our Bleeding Hearts this year. She would also point them out at everyone else's houses on the street. Today (July 11th) she was very distraught to see that they are all finished in one spot for the year.

For Auntie Jillian

For those of you who don't know, Auntie Jillian is a bird biologist. She spends all the time she can banding and studying different species of birds.

At the zoo, we came across this nice lady, sitting all by herself with several bird feet/legs. There were Cassowary, Eagle, Goose, Great Horned Owl, Burrowing Owl, and two others I can't remember.

These are the Great Horned Owl and Burrowing Owl

My favorite new fun fact we learned is that Geese have a valve in their leg that they can use to shut off the blood flow to their feet. It helps them not to feel cold when standing on ice and snow in the winter. Their foot is mostly cartilage so they don't have to worry about frostbite like we do. They turn the blood flow back on when they need it again.

We're going to the Zoo, zoo, zoo. How about you, you, you. You can come too, too, too. We're going to the Zoo, zoo, zoo.

The Cutest Exhibit at the Zoo!

This is one of the dinosaurs that she thinks is going to protect her!!!!

We saw a "map" with giraffes on it and that's where she wanted to go next. They are her favorite because of the baby one.

Ice cream, another favorite! This was a cute statue. Glad she posed for a photo here.

Ground Orchid

We call these "Kevin" from the movie "Up!" Kevin is always looking for his girlfriend. There are a lot at the zoo.

We've never seen this before as there is a playground that we always get stuck at. Nice idea someone had for photos. Yes, she got her ice cream too.

Dat da Da and a Poppin' Good Time!

Come see what I made Mum! Dat da DA!!!!
(That's how she says Ta Dah!)

When we went to the zoo on Friday, Savannah and I found this popping corn. Looked like fun!

Ready to be popped. The kernels that fell off, I just put in the microwave. I have no idea if they popped or not.

I couldn't take photos of the actual popping process, but if you ever find one of these I highly recommend doing it yourself!!! The kernels pop mostly on the side touching the bottom of the microwave. So everytime a kernel pops the cob JUMPS wildly into the air. Some of the popped kernels stay attached to the cob for a bit and then fly off later. Sometimes they shoot unpopped kernels off the cob. They sounded like bullets hitting the side of the microwave!

Be careful opening the door! Only a couple kernels fell out.

"That's lots of popcorn," says Savannah. MMMMmmmm, delicious.


Can you say HELP???? My daughter needs makeup lessons! She got a kids make-up kit for her birthday and a few days ago I let her do her own make-up and nails. Funny girl. The colors matched her dress though.

Flower Gramma, here is the humpback whale we made for you and phoned you about. There is a mountain and river too.

The Not so Great Mouse Detective

Ever since about two days after her birthday last year, Savannah wanted to have a "Mouse Birthday" for her next one.

I thought maybe she meant Mickey or Minnie Mouse since we'd been to Disney World so much. No, all I could get out of her was just "a regular mouse."

So this year for a couple months I searched for mouse birthday party stuff, or at least something I could use to decorate the cake with! Nothing. Just some small plastic bags with cats and mice that I thought I could use for treat bags. I ended up forgetting them and not doing treat bags since there were too many kids to do the craft I had planned. No big deal, she had lots of fun anyway.

Back to "a regular mouse." We were driving home one evening exactly two weeks before this year's birthday and party. Because of construction we took a different route than normal. Suddenly Savannah shouts "There's my Mouse Birthday!" I thought she was just excited about the upcoming party and was starting to explain that it was in two weeks. Then I looked to the side and saw .......... Chuck E. Cheese! Yikes!!!! I told her we were having her "Mouse Birthday" in our backyard with all her friends. She said, "OK." Whew, that was close!

Thank goodness she is still small and mostly easy to please. Can I keep her this way???? Please? :D

Right now she is sitting behind me with a Belle doll making up a story about Prince Charming marrying Belle. I think she's getting her stories mixed up, but it's cute.

Now she has the story straight, the Beast will marry Belle. Singing is involved in the story too. Wish you could hear it.

When did Swiper move in???

Apparently Swiper, the sneaky fox from "Dora the Explorer" has moved in!

Savannah keeps asking me if I want to come see Swiper. She always calls him "That sneaky."

Putting away her Bubber tonight she kept saying "No swiping, no swiping!"

I hope he moves out soon. I preferred the Racatoon (Raccoon) and kitties that she used to carry with her everywhere. Even the dinosaurs that protect her (because of the zoo exhibit) are better than "that sneaky fox!"

Friday, June 25, 2010

Before and After

Got the usual haircut, June 11th. This is my 4th time getting this much cut off.


We got a new dishwasher recently. I made the box into a "house" for Savannah and her friends to play in. I've been letting her decorate it with markers. One day I asked her what she was doing when she had been in there for an unusually long time. Her reply? "Sorting"

Looks like she was doing a great job of it.

Sister-in-laws Facebook Status from Thusday morning!

I thought this was very cute.

Amberly is exhausted!! Didn't get to sleep until 1:30 this morning because my wonderful son woke up at 11 because of the thunder storm, and not because it was scary but because it was "cool like wire works mommy"

Dance photo day

She didn't want just a dance photo, but was happy to pose with her items from Dairy Queen's grand re-opening.

She was very upset about removing the Children's Festival tatoo from her leg for dance photos, so was extremely happy to get this one. It's much nicer and was way easier to get off in the end!

Balloon for Daddy. It's a reindeer on a purple motorcycle. Just like Daddy's!

Children's Festival

Playing with something called Bubber. She had a great time, I think this was her favorite part. We now own purple and red Bubber!

Magnetic building set

Inside a tank, swinging from the hand holds!

She is not a "Lost kid"
Ever since the Alligator in Florida, she thinks she NEEDS to ride on statues.

Hanging up the "pants" she made out of tissue paper. We now have a clothesline in her room to put crafts and treasured pictures on.

Dancing to Bobs and Lolo. They were our favorite act. Savannah also liked the magician after them. She tries to do magic sometimes now.

In the tank again

Kitty face

Puppy balloon

What a great way to spend a couple days with fun in the sun!