Monday, July 26, 2010


This was a couple weeks ago, but I wanted to leave a bit of space between the "before" and "during" posts. Of course, it is still not done, but much better. "After" coming soon!

You can see some of the plants now! Still lots of work, but at least they can see the light somewhat!

A lot of the garden plants are very tiny, but you can see the beans in these photos.

My "crew." They did a great job while they were focused on the weeds.

See the weed piles at the front of the photo?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hippo Sauce

Savannah likes to say "Wheeeeeeee" and raise her arms up (like on a roller coaster) whenever we are traveling up a hill or around a corner. Last weekend she was doing both through an underpass.

Suddenly she said "Hippo sauce". " Hippo sauce is too dangerous for you Mummy!" "Hippo sauce is too dangerous for Daddies."

I asked her, "What is hippo sauce?" "Hippo sauce is not for Mummies and Daddies."

Me: "Who is hippos sauce for? Kids?"

S: "Just for me."

I guess it shall remain a mystery.........

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Yes, there is really a garden in there. The stakes are where the pea rows are!

Can you see the potato plant? The rest is Lamb's Quarters.

The lines are where we planted the rows. Guess it slowed down the weeds! :D

I pulled out weeds to the right of the peas and the left of the next row. Savannah pulled out all the weeds in between where I pulled. She is now a professional weed puller! As long as I show her what is a weed and what's not.