Monday, November 22, 2010

Budding Picaso

Savannah has recently started drawing people. Not just faces, the whole person. I think this was a drawing of me. She tells me I am pretty. Only in this picture she says I have crazy hair. No kidding!

She asked Daddy what kind of monster she should draw. This is her version of a scary one.

Dat Ta Da!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Cake Class

For our anniversary, Rick got me cake decorating classes. I finally found a time to take them and started last Saturday. This is the cookies I practiced making icing stars on. The designs came from our class book. I just happened to have the Lifesaver Mints in my pocket to make the baby carriage! Savannah was so excited to eat those cookies after we got home.

This week we decorated cakes. We had to do the cupcake design, but I had already showed it to Savannah in the book, so she was super excited about it. Tonight we had friends over for super and their oldest girl thought I had put Smarties around the base, not just icing. Of course all the children wanted a piece of the cherry on the cupcake! I think the decorating turned out okay, but I am not a fan of the icing we have to use. Hopefully I can figure out how to get our own icing to work for future cakes at home.

There are still two weeks of class left. Next week we are decorating cupcakes. The final week will be another cake with our own design on top.

Next year I am hoping to do the fondant class. I got the big kit with all the tools, so now I need to learn how to use them all! :D Good thing I like cake a lot.

The Bed Beg Strikes Back! (or again)

So, a couple nights ago, when we went up to go to bed, this is the scene that greeted us!

She's all tucked in sound asleep. If it hadn't been for the leg on top of the covers, I'm not sure we would have even noticed her right away. :D

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bed Bug!!!!

This is a problem we have been having for years! I blame it on her Daddy.

Reason number one:

I told him we weren't to have kids in our bed, but night number one she woke up every time he set her down, so he just brought her to our bed. I had a bad feeling about that. Think I was right. :D

Reason number two: Daddy always put Savannah to sleep when she was a baby. He'd hold her on the couch and bounce her to sleep. Worked like a charm. Got so good at it that when she was a little older she told him not to bounce her because she didn't want to go to sleep!

Reason Number 3: As soon as she was able to climb out of her crib, she would come toddling out of her room, dragging her Princess blanket with her. She soon learned that Mummy would just take her back to bed, but if she bypassed Mummy and walked around to Daddy's side, he would pick her up and put her in the middle. His excuse? "She's just so cute! She can barely see over the edge of the bed and there she is, holding her blanket and poking her Daddy!"

Now she has her own Princess bed, as well as a "spare" toddler bed in her room. If she accidentally wets the bed she can change and sleep in the toddler bed. It's come in handy a few times.

A very happy girl the first night in her Princess bed last year. Don't be fooled by the excitement Mummy, I'm still going to come sleep with my Daddy!!!

This was the scene sometime this summer. We had been downstairs watching t.v. and she was to be asleep in her bed. Somehow she learned how to sneak quietly to our room with her pillow and blanket. She'd been happily sleeping for a couple hours before we found her!!!

Reason Number 4: "Daddy's So comfy!"

This is a photo at a show home we visited recently. She's not actually asleep. I think this is her dream bedroom! (Other than ours of course)

About a week ago I think she thought if she hid at the end of the bed we wouldn't find her when we got in there and she could sleep in our room all night!

Just a couple days ago, yet again she was in our bed sound asleep when we arrived. Completely covered in a blanket cocoon.!!!

Last night she woke up around 2:30 or so and we got her changed and put into the "spare" bed. She was crying about coming to sleep with us, so Daddy went and tucked her in thinking that would keep her in her own bed. Not so, about 5 or 6 she ended up in our bed again. Neither of us woke up, so we are not exactly sure what time it was.

Anyone have any ideas on how to get this Bed bug to stay in her own bed before she gets too big?

She's still cute. She knows not to poke Mummy (the sleeping bear) either. :D So most nights she arrives in our bed, she stays in our bed. Yep, I blame her Daddy.

Here's hoping for a good night's sleep tonight. Free of Bed Bugs, of all shapes and sizes.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween in four days!

Day 1 - Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Play school Halloween party day. The kids and teacher lined up so we could all take their photos at the beginning of the class. Savannah is Sleeping Beauty. She says it "Sleeping Eauty."

This is their "scary face" photo. I don't think Savannah quite knew what to do!

Day 2 - Friday, October 29th

Our radio station decided to give candy away to Trick-or-Treaters from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. We just happened to be in the city that day and after our Dr. appt. we drove over, got into our costumes and got our photo taken with Crash and Mars! Savannah was a bit scared of them. She has no idea what a nun or Catholic priest are.

This is the receptionist, Taz. Savannah says she is a Princess. She gave Savannah a lot of candy as we were the first Trick-or-Treaters at 11:15 a.m. There were only about 20 in total.

Outside we found the NOW! van. Savannah loved the "Poke-E-Dot" car and the little puppy on it.

Her "scary face!" Guess it's an "improvement" over the play school scary face.

Day 3 - October 30th, 2010

Posing with our Pirate Potatohead Jack-O-Lantern.

Another play school type pose!

So excited for Trunk-or-Treat!

The table cloth from Daddy's birthday party and a few new dollar store items as well as a few things from previous years made for a pretty good Halloween trunk if I do say so myself! This was our first time doing a Trunk-or-Treat so we weren't sure what to expect. It was a great time for everyone and so many kids!!!! Savannah got the hang of things pretty quick and after making the rounds once with an adult, she proceeded to make two more rounds!!!! I ran out of candy before all the kids made it around, so I "recycled" some of the candy Savannah had safely stored inside the car. She ended up with more than a shopping bag full anyway. Some people were giving out handfuls of candy!!!!

Closer up view of the trunk.

One of the coolest homemade costumes ever. This young boy was a Lego block. During this photo he was in the middle of doing robot like moves hiding in the block and then coming out again. He also fancied himself a comedian, but Savannah didn't understand his jokes.

Handing out candy - my witch hat changed to a crown so I could be Sleeping Beauty's mother!

Long time friends, Nora and Drew. You can read Joelle's blog too, she is hilarious!!!

Another trunk nicely decorated for the evening.

The SUPER family

Savannah was having a temper tantrum, but turned into a happy kitty as soon as the camera started to flash!!!

Day 4 - October 31st, 2010

The neighbors always do a super scary yard. This makes for an evening of Halloween music and twice scared Trick-or-Treaters. Rick thinks it is hilarious to scare the older kids that come over still watching the neighbours place. They aren't expecting anything since we don't do much decorating. He opens the door and makes some sort of noise to make them jump!

The empty chair is where the neighbour sits dressed like one of the dummies, so when the older kids come around he can get up and scare them! He has a "chainsaw" that he cuts the heads off the other dummies with. This year I saw someone else in his yard take off running after one of the kids halfway down the block. Poor kid.

Eating some of her loot. This is only about half of it.

My favorite part of Halloween. I go Trick-or-Treating with Savannah and take around a pillowcase (and the wagon) and collect things for our local food bank. The haul this year included quite a lot of canned soup, some "meal helpers", a box of candy (next to our Jack O'Lantern) and 6 kids toothbrushes. Love it!

At one house the lady was giving Savannah 2 bags of chips and a whole bunch of candy. When she said she didn't have anything for the food back, Savannah took one of the bags of chips and put it in my food bank bag! That's my girl, always sharing with everyone.

Here's hoping next year will be bigger and better! I've learned a few things over the years and now we take a wagon to collect all the goods in. Think next year I will deliver flyers prior to Halloween to remind everyone I am coming.