Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mexico Part One

Views from the airplane

These irrigation circles are neat.

Crazy quilt!

A city, I don't remember which one. The pilot always told us.

Clouds and ocean, I could see boats in it, but you can't in the photo

Hibiscus flower right outside our hotel room

The "alley" outside our patio door. Leads to the ocean.

Waiting to go parasailing! It shocked Rick that I would do this!

Up in the air. It was so cool.

Looking towards all the resorts from the boat. Ours is the one in the middle with the palm leaf roofs on all the main buildings.

When we got back to our room the maid (Rosa) had made this for us. She made something new like it everyday.

Walking towards Playa del Carmen we found this. The next photos are actually "Grupo B," but you get the idea.

Me at the top of one of the ruins.

Beautiful palm tree scenery looking out from the ruin.

The back of the ruins.

A THORNY tree trunk !!!!

These orange flowered trees were in full bloom everywhere. You'll see how big they are later on. They also have HUGE seedpods. They look like giant flat pea pods. Just found the name for this, it is called the "Red Bird of Paradise" or "Mexican Bird of Paradise"

This squiggly sign is for their "speed bumps". They actually go down the way the picture shows instead of up like ours. I much prefer the ones here. These things were all over the place! They also have long meridians all down the highway, so if you want to go somewhere turning left you have to go way past your destination and then take a "Returno" to get back to it on the other side of the highway. Definitely different than we are used to.

This tells about more of the area. If you click on the pictures you can see them bigger to read stuff if you want. The X at the beginning of words makes a "Sh" sound.

Trees growing out of the wall

Bouganveilla in Playa del Carmen. The trunk of it is inside the entrance to the store!

These are called Agouti. They were in the meditation spot under a bridge in our resort. They reminded me of the Dejus we used to have, only much bigger with no tail!

Very large spider on an Agave plant. It was so cool. I especially like the way it made zigzag stitches in the web. Maybe it was trying to make itself look even larger.

At the wall of Tulum. (One of the Mayan Ruin sites you can visit.) There is a lizard behind me that we didn't even know was there until I was taking Rick's photo.

Cactus, flowers and beautiful blue-green ocean.

Us at Tulum

More of us!

One of the larger buildings at Tulum

Mexico Part Two

Some scenery around the resort entrance. Palm trees and flowers.

Coconut Palm. I really wanted to climb one an pick a Coconut, but I didn't think they would appreciate that!

A type of Heleconia flower in front of a flat Palm

Flat Palm

They had a Mexican night and these gentleman made us cotton candy

Fancy food (Just for you of course, Michelle!)

A cockroach in our hallway! Thank goodness this was the only one I ever saw and it didn't come to our room!!!!! See the tile floor? Because of the humidity, the floor everywhere is tile or something like it. There are wet floor signs everywhere because they are usually damp from the humidity all the time!

Us after we went ziplining

An African Grey parrot and another parrot

Spider Monkey

McCaws These birds and monkeys were at all the tourist places. They's charge you an arm and a leg to take your photo holding them!

Our beach area. It was really nice out, the camera just fogged up from the humidity.

My hand creation in the sand. I had a lot of fun looking for shells there.

Beach at our resort. The water was just like getting in a super warm bathtub! Wish our lakes were like that!

Cool white flower. I can't find the name anywhere!

Carved fruit at our resort buffet restaurant

Rick decided he needed a "last" photo of me while we were waiting for our bus back to the airport.

Scenery from the bus window. You can see the size of the Red Bird of Paradise tree in this photo.

Two "Punch Buggies" no return!!!! There were at least 4 more I saw within seconds of taking this photo. It seems to be the vehicle of choice down there. That a tiny falling apart motorcycles!

Almost at the airport! Goodbye Mexico!!! See you again someday. I'd highly recommend the Mayan Riviera to anyone. It was a wonderful place to visit.