Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Giant Flashy Billboard????

Does anyone else out there have children with giant flashing billboards over their heads that say "GIVE ME STUFF?" What kind of stuff, you ask? Anything and everything!!!

While delivering papers Savannah has made an elderly friend that likes to give her presents. Some for me as well! The first thing was a stuffed toy. Then at Christmas we got two bags of gifts! Now she is wanting to give her some more stuffed animals from her collection.

Also delivering papers she has been given money to buy ice cream with (more normal since tips are always appreciated!), bandaids for a scrapped knee while just a block from home. That lady is a nurse and did a great job of bandaging her up. Ugly bandaid on the bottom, Princess one over top! :D

Then while on our recent trip to Walt Disney World twice she was given big Mickey balloons. First one, then two more. Mind you, these are $20 each balloons. (We have since passed these balloons on to friends as they are not airplane friendly!) Then walking into the Magic Kingdom people gave us a stroller to have! It sure was nice. Came in very handy for the long afternoons of walking. Not that Savannah needs a stroller, but it's great for hauling around all the stuff we needed. Savannah loved it too, she always jumped on for a ride.

Yesterday, while at the Toronto airport (while in a 6 hour wait for the next plane) a cleaning lady gave Savannah a bottle of orange juice, because "She is just so cute!"

I think we are in for years more of "getting stuff!" After all she IS "just so cute!"