Friday, February 12, 2010

St. Augustine and Valentine's Crafts

Beautiful trees and clouds on the way to St. Augustine

This store was at the turnoff into St. Augustine

When they said "Shells Galore" they weren't kidding!

I LOVE shells, well pretty much anything from nature.

St. Augustine is the oldest town in the United States. There are a lot of historical things to see there. We walked part of the route, but stuck to mostly free stuff. There were plenty of things they charge to see, but we had a good time without doing them.

This is a 1902 Steam Powered Tractor
It was outside the old jail.

Read the sign.

This is the tree!

Another sign to read!

Savannah wanted to pose here, just outside the school.

While I was taking pictures of these signs, Rick was walking into the store without knowing what the store was!

So, Miss Savannah got her sweets! M & M's stuck on a chocolate covered pretzel stick. She loved it, of course.

Today we finally went to the Orlando Temple. After three years of coming here we made it. It is beautiful. Unfortunately it was too rainy and cold for many photos, but here are a few.

Some of my favorite flowers, Pansies, so I had to take a few photos of them.

Kim bought the girls some "mailboxes" to decorate for Valentine's day.
Savannah and Aerie had a blast!
This is the sides with their names

The rest of the sides were covered in flowers and hearts.
Upon completion Savannah decided to color and cut up paper for "mail" to put inside hers.

Denver didn't get a mailbox, so Kim printed off this Monster mailbox for him. It is much bigger! They are all cute.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sneak peak

Some highlights of our trip so far. Enjoy! Supposed to be just a few pictures, but figured I won't ever get more posted if I don't do it now, so picked most of the ones I liked the best. I take about a million pictures a week, so this IS the short version folks!

Flik and Savannah

Princess Savannah loving up the polar bears!

Comfortable? Yep, she has complete faith that her Daddy will not let her fall.

Silly Stitch



Brer Bear and Brer Rabbit

Princess lessons after her appointment at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. She had this grump on all morning! Was happy in the afternoon though.

Snow White

Times two. Oh-La-La Denver! She was supposed to kiss him on the cheek (she did that to kids the day before), but unfortunately for Daddy he still had to buy the chips and jerky because D held up his end of the bargain! Daddy should have had Snow White in on the deal!!! :D

Savannah was picking up all the Mickey sequins. These two nice folk came and helped her for a bit. They talked to her about how big of a job she was going to have picking up all those sequins. She was quite mad that they didn't help her finish the job!

A Daddy's Love Bug above Daddy's Love Bug!

After the Buzz Light Year ride

The Wicked StepMother and Stepsisters. They have a fun job.

Jiminy Cricket. My favorite.

I don't know where she gets these poses! Trying on a Chinese dress.

Princess and the Frog. Pretty self explanatory if you are Savannah. She just LOVES this movie.

Of course, she had to fall asleep two minutes before we got to see the "real" Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen! Oh well, at least there are pictures so she knows she saw them.

With Doug from "Up"

She wouldn't have anything to do with the other "Up" characters.

Rex at the Disney resort we stayed at the first time we went.

Hanging from the big door. I never got one of these photos last time, so made sure to this year.

With RC from "Toy Story"

Sandhill Cranes in the backyard of our friends'.

Hope you enjoyed our trip in pictures so far. More to come soon. I hope!

The Newest Car Model!

I don't know where she learned this! Certainly not from us, but it's still pretty cute. The car is in M & M's world in the Florida Mall in Orlando, Florida.

More funny stuff

We have funny games. We pretend to eat Savannah. Her arms are a particular favorite thing to "eat!" MMMMMmmmm tasty!

Recently she informed Daddy that "Sannanah is not tasty!" So funny.

Can she stay cute forever? Please???


Savannah has always called me "Mummy." When Daddy or anyone else talk to her about me, they say "Mummy." Somewhere she heard something being called "Mum ma" or "Mama." December 23rd she suddenly started calling me that! I didn't think I'd like being called that, but it sure is cute when she says it! :D Now she calls me "Mummy" or "Mama" depending on her mood and the situation.