Thursday, March 22, 2007


1. School started again on Tuesday for the kids. It has been a nice break for me and I think they are enjoying being back. They have a PD day (professional developement) day tomorrow, so will be home. But, Phys. Ed. class of papers will still be on!!!!! :) The teachers are supposed to be figuring out how best to teach all the important curiculum stuff by the end of the year.

Next week is Spring Break too. So they have lots of homework. Both from the teachers and from the study guides that finally came on Monday!

2. It is finally nice enough outside that I can take Savannah for a walk. Today she and my three day home kids and I walked to the library and back. 20 minute walk there and about 25 minutes back as it is uphill a bit. The wagon sure is heavy, especially since I put one more kid in it for the walk back. Only one boy had to walk both ways. One rode both ways and the girl walked there and rode back. They were all exhausted. I can hardly wait for all the snow to be gone so we can go to the park most days. There is one just a couple blocks from here, plus the school playground across the street.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Here we go again! and can anyone come up with more ideas?

Megan got a cold about 3 days ago. Now Savannah has it! She projectile vomitted all over herself, me and the living room floor when I was trying to give her some decongestant. She can eat if I let her breathe through her mouth lots in between, but she can't drink without coughing, she forgets to stop and breathe through her mouth! I bathed her and finally got her to sleep around 10:30 p.m. She slept a bit earlier though. Hopefully the little bit of medicine I gave her after puking will help her breathe later so she can drink. I'll be able to give her more medicine around 4 a.m. I think we are in for a LONG night!

So now for the ideas. We are at over a month of teacher's strike now. The books to help with studying didn't come in on Friday. Hopefully they are here tomorrow and Rick is back from the South in time to go get them.

We have Math, spelling, science, and social studies all from their textbooks. Megan has been doing some of Denver's math so she learns how multiplication and division are done without a calculator! They have both also done some of the same spelling. Megan knows most of them, so I need to find some harder words for her. (Any suggestions on words?)

Physical Education is delivering the flyers and papers on Wednesday and Friday. If it is nice out anytime this week I think there will be a running around the block class! Or going for a very long walk. Only Denver has lost all store privledges for a bit, so don't know where to send them to.

Tonight they decided to start a stretch class. So they are going to do that between each other subject.

Language Arts is reading a book. Megan has a really thick novel to read and write a book report on. Denver has chapter books to read most of the time. Sometimes he picks a comic book or something else like that. He is to start reading scriptures again too. They have to read at least half an hour a day.

Megan decided Health class was showering! Denver needs to do a little more of that! Boys! Sheesh.

Life skills is doing housework. Of which there is an endless supply since they are home.

Home Ec. is cooking, but now I think dishwashing pots and pans and other things will be included in that as well.

What can I call sweeping and mopping the entryway? Megan doesn't care if she gets sand there because she doesn't have to clean it up!!!!! Guess what? Now she does.

Denver squeegeed out the garage today. It was pretty full of water and ice. We haven't been parking back there as the alley is too wet right now. He also raked all the Spruce needles under the tree out front. They keep getting tracked into the house and somehow end up in the living room. We've taken several away from Savannah, she seems to find them all!

Most of these "subjects" have to be done while I have dayhome kids here. The oldest one, he's 4, works on a preschool workbook during the first class of the day, but he gets done his 4 pages pretty quick. Then Denver thinks he can go play too. I have been putting a stop to that, but it is hard to do.

So if anyone has any ideas for this kind of stuff, Please please please let me know. Thanks!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Freezer trouble!!!!!

So today at about 4 p.m. I went downstairs to see if we had any stew meat to make fajitas for supper. Upon opening the tall freezer I discovered that it had been accidentally turned off a couple days ago when things were being rearranged!

Almost everything in the door of it was completely thawed out. So for supper we had baby potatoes and steak cooked on the barbeque and some canned corn. I also cooked up a sausage ring that the kids ate part of.

There is a huge package of baloney to be fried or eaten in sandwiches. I hope my day home kids like it! We also have two more packages of steak, 4 chicken souvlaki, and 2 Costco pork ribs waiting in the fridge to be cooked up. I had thought Rick could take some for lunch at work, but he is in meetings the next couple days so that doesn't work.

Guess we will be eating "high off the hog" for lunches around here the next couple days. Or maybe I will cook it all and freeze some for later. What a lot of work I didn't need!

Strike Update

The teachers are still on strike here! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now the division is apparently making up study guides for every grade, not just high school. I left a message so I can order some tomorrow.

We have run out of ideas of things to do for school around here. There is only so far ahead I thought we could go, but maybe I need to teach everything in the textbooks!

Both kids did social studies "tests" today. One did well, the other didn't. There will be a rewrite in a couple days so some studying can be done tomorrow.

Anyone got ideas of things to do?

Friday, March 9, 2007

So Very Cute!

This photo was taken March 4th, 2007. Savannah wore this dress to church. It is one of the gifts from the baby shower put on by a lady from our church. One of these days I will take photos of the other gifts to put on here too. Everything is so cute, especially Savannah!