Sunday, April 10, 2011

Making Pepperoni

This afternoon we helped Daddy make pepperoni. Savannah was so excited to help! She is holding the "natural casing" as Rick loads it onto the sausage press.

Closer up with the pepperoni in front of her waiting to be smoked and cooked.

Funny story: Savannah wanted to do all the jobs. So when I had to leave for a bit she exclaimed, "I guess it's just us now Daddy!" She thought that meant she could crank the lever all by herself after that.


Just a couple things from recent days out of the mouth of Savannah:

1. After a particularly short stop at at stop sign: "Mummy, Daddy didn't stop like this, One, two, three!" She held her fingers up to count to three. She doesn't know where she learned about a three second stop. She says it wasn't playschool, so who knows? I am amazed she learned it well enough to apply in a real life situation.

2. While doing my hair: "Mummy, there are still peanuts in your hair!" Me: "Peanuts? You mean knots?" S: "Yeah, knots." (I guess the rats that make rats nests in your hair we busy collecting peanuts in mine last night! Hehehe)

I'm sure there will be more of these to come in the next while. Got any funny kid stories to share?