Sunday, May 16, 2010

Professional Gardener!

Yes, we have another gardener/ plant person in the family! :D Flower Gramma sends lots of cards with pictures of flowers on them. Those are Savannah's favorite. She puts them on display on our fridge as soon as we finish reading them.

A few weeks ago, Flower Gramma sent Sunflower seeds in a card. A couple days later, I decided it was late enough to plant them. So far they haven't come up, but we are hoping soon! A few days after that, more flower seeds came in the mail.

Then, no mail for a few days. Oh the waiting!

Then, mail came, Yay! When she opened it up, she said "Mum, there's no seeds in here, there's NO seeds in here!"

Oh the horror!!!! :D We had to call Flower Gramma immediately and let her know there was a problem with the mail again!

Two days later we were calling Gramma again to let her know Savannah is a good gardener, the radishes and herbs are growing. Then she was off to water the radishes, peas, lettuce and sunflowers.

Yep, she's a good gardener. Those plants are gonna get a lot of attention this year! I'm hoping for a bumper crop! :D

There'd Better be Mail!

My Mum (a.k.a. Flower Gramma) started sending Savannah post cards in the mail. Then she sent a card. Well, after that she wasn't too impressed with post cards any more. She likes to use the letter opener! Much more fun.

Then she caught on that Flower Gramma is the one always sending her mail. She doesn't like days when we go and there's no mail for her. We usually have to call Gramma and let her know there is a problem!

Any time we go to check the mail she asks "Is there mail for me?" So now I just tell her we will have to see if Flower Gramma sent any. Much better than a bunch of toys that take up space in the house. We will have to make a scrapbook of all her mail.

Wonder if there will be mail tomorrow?

Mother's Day!

I had a great idea for Mother's Day gifts this year, first time ever!

For my Mother-in-Law I made a scrapbook of our trip to Mexico in December.
Here are a few of the pages from it.

This is my favorite page. I just LOVE these photos of Savannah.

My Mum (a.k.a. Flower Gramma) likes mushrooms.
So when Savannah and I found polymer clay mushrooms in a magazine,
we just had to make them.

First, here is the card, inspired by the craft. I think it turned out nice.

Here are the 4 mushrooms we made and a Daddy's Lovebug.
We just had to make one of them too!

At playschool on Tuesday Savannah made me a sticker heart picture and a really cute necklace made from dyed penne noodles. The purple in it matched a sweater I wore to church and the light green and turquoise colors matched Savannah's dress.

Mother's Day I woke up to waffles in bed! MMMmmm
Then I went back to sleep for hours!

Just before I got up, Savannah helped herself.
She didn't even make a mess!

Later we had church (I wore the necklace). Savannah made me a flower craft. After church we went to supper at my favorite restaurant (Mongolie Grill).

After we got home I finally found my present. Rick likes to hide things right in front of my eyes! There was an iPod docking station right near our phone. I wanted one so I can listen to my iPod music in my craft room without wearing the headphones.

All in all, it was a GREAT day! :D

Sunshine problems!

Was going to publish this ages ago, but thought there was something more to add to it. Now I have no idea what that was, so this is what you get!

Somehow Savannah has connected sunshine with summer time. Now yes, generally in the summer the sun shines. However, she thinks that just because the sun shines on any day, means that that day is summer time!

I've spent a lot of time saying, "No, it is still winter." or "Not yet, it's still Spring."

She wants to wear a specific dress and I've told her it is a summer dress.

Now we have more "problems." Same as every other family with children. She thinks that when the sun is out, it's not time for bed. Tonight she said it wasn't bedtime, "See?" and pointed out the window at the light.

She was plenty tired though. We went swimming and then she read library books we had checked out earlier. So pretty much as soon as she was tucked in, she went to sleep. We may have to go swimming a lot more for awhile!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

May 3rd, just after practice. As you can see from her outfit it was FREEZING out! I didn't take the camera to practice, so took these photos after. Didn't take mittens either, so that is why she has socks on her hands.

This was May 10th. Much nicer weather. At the actual practice. Auntie Amber, Jackson, and Grampa Cows came to watch too!

Telling Jackson about kicking the ball. Wanting to know if he saw her!


So Spring supposedly came awhile ago. We had temperatures in the high plus twenties (Celcius) a couple weeks ago, but this is what greeted us Tuesday, May 4th. At 5:30 a.m. it was raining and very windy. The rain blowing against our window scared Percy (cat) and he woke us up with his howling! I'm guessing the snow started shortly after that. It snowed several inches that day. The snow was all gone just a few days afterwards. Today it was in the plus twenties again! Gotta love Canadian Spring!

The Irises are several inches tall already!

Proud to be Canadian! Just enough wind to show the flag.