Friday, March 25, 2011

Apparently we had a warm day or two this winter

The 17th and 18th of this month were quite warm days. The 17th Savannah and I built a pretty good sized snowman in the backyard. Unfortunately we didn't have time to finish the detail work. She convinced me the snowman at least had to have a carrot nose before we could go in for the evening.

The next afternoon when she looked out she was sure that a bunny had eaten the nose! They sang a song about that at play school earlier this year. I finally convinced her to go out and look on the ground for it. The whole snowman was a lot smaller as it had melted quite a bit that day. Pretty soon she let me know that a bunny named Savannah had eaten the carrot and handed me the stem end of it! :D

Then she tried to fix the snowman, but just ended up with a head on the ground. So then I got her some buttons for the face and helped her put the hat and scarf on.

This one kind of shows how small the head actually is.

This one shows you the surprised look on his face!

If we had made it on the 18th I'm sure he'd still be standing as a solid iceman. We are still hoping for Spring, sometime soon.

Is it Easter yet?

Someone here sure wishes it was! The minute we were done opening presents on the last day of three Christmases we had this past December she said, "Yay! Now the Easter Bunny can bring me chocolates!"

Today we had a fun day which ended with her buying some things at Build-A-Bear for her Kitty. Kitty ended up getting bunny slippers a ballet type dress and these bunny ears. The sunglasses are ones that Gramma Susan bought in Mexico last year. They are too small for Savannah now, but they fit Kitty perfectly. Tonight you get pictures of Savannah all dressed in ears and sunglasses. What a goof. Maybe tomorrow I'll post a picture of Kitty. Or maybe not, she's not as cute as this bunny!