Friday, September 23, 2011

Thinking Disney!

The Disney Store at our mall moved downstairs to a bigger location. This past weekend they had a reopening ceremony that I was able to take the kids to. They got to participate in the "Hot Dog Dance," a parade, and calling Tinkerbell to save the store from the villains! They each got a foam microphone for doing the dance and a character mask for the parade.

Then, the highlight of the day for them was meeting Goofy. He and Mickey Mouse flew all the way up here from Disneyland on a Disney plane. For real! There was a Disney staff member there with them that I was able to talk to while we waited.

This is Savannah talking to Goofy after the rest of us went to the side to let the next people have their turn.

She just stayed and stared at Goofy. So he patted her on the head and gave her a kiss!!!! She was so excited about that. It took me a minute to get her away. She thinks all the Disney characters are her personal friends. I guess that is what happens when you visit them every year.

Of course, she and Daddy have been discussing visiting the Princesses again. I won't argue with that! :D

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Jennie Frances said...

You should try visiting somewhere else so Savannah makes some new frineds! :)