Friday, September 23, 2011

Roasting Marshmallows

So lately I joined Pinterest and of course have spent a lot of time on there like most others that join. It has helped me to find a lot of new ideas for crafts, crochet and things to do with the children.

So far this is their favorite thing we have found on there. It's a play campfire. "Roasting" marshmallows on skewers was so much fun! If the flames look a little funny to you it's because we didn't have red, yellow and orange tissue paper, so had to settle on red, green and blue! The best part was listening to the older two tell the two year old the fire was hot so he wouldn't knock it down by touching it. The grey paper at the bottom is newspaper rocks. I didn't want to risk using real rock in the house with young children. They loved helping to make the whole thing.

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Jenniej Frances said...

Such a cool idea. I sure kids love it.